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Who are young carers?

Young carers are children or young people under the age of 18, who care or help to care for somebody in their family with an illness, a disability, a mental health issue or who has an alcohol or other drug problem.

If you are a young carer you may help care for a parent, a sibling, a grandparent, or other relatives.

You might help out with cleaning and cooking, help the person you care for to get around the house, help with medicines, keep them safe, shower or dress them or just watch out to make sure they are okay.

What’s it like to be a young carer?

Many young carers tell us that they enjoy caring – that they’re proud of who they are and what they do and that they’ve built up a whole range of useful skills.

Sometimes though young carers say that caring can affect how they feel, how much time they get to spend with friends, or their school work, and that often they need some help.

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