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School & College

For some young carers, school, or college may provide a bit of a break from life at home.

However, it can also be extremely challenging to juggle studying, caring, and everything else. Here are some tips and advice around balancing study with caring.

Should I tell someone about my caring role?

Yes. If you are struggling to keep up with the workload or if you’re falling behind, you should talk to your teacher or lecturer. Telling someone that you are a young carer can be intimidating, but remember that they will want what’s best for you. If they know about your caring role, they may be able to provide you with some extra help while you study.

What will I say?

Ask to speak with your teacher, lecturer or the school counsellor in a private area and tell them as much as you feel comfortable sharing. Explain why you can’t keep up with assignments or why you might be falling behind – that way they can find out how to give you some extra support on your own terms. You may want to tell that person about The Young Carers Programme or as them to get in touch with us so that they can find out more about how to help you. If you are studying at university you can also speak to someone at the student support office.

I would like my teacher or lecturer to know about my caring role but I don’t want to tell them myself.

Sometimes it can be difficult to explain your situation to someone without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable. This is completely understandable. Some young carers feel more comfortable asking their parent or guardian to talk to the school. You can also contact our young carer team to chat about how we can help.

I don’t want to tell anyone about my personal circumstances but I still want everyone to know about young carers.

If you don’t want to disclose that you are a young carer but you would like staff members and students to better understand young carers, why not order some young carer resources? We have resources that have been specifically designed for teachers. We are happy to post some to you, or we can post them directly to your school, or college. We also have a young carer awareness program we can deliver at your school or college. This way people are made aware of young carers but it means that you do not need to tell them about your personal situation.

#SeeYoungCarers campaign

#SeeYoungCarers involves students in secondary school taking part in a creative workshop whereby they make and decorate a pair of funky glasses from cardboard to show the world that they #SeeYoungCarers!

#SeeYoungCarers campaign

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